Condensed version of my testimony;


I was born and raised a Roman Catholic. My parents didn't practice their faith much other than going to church fairly regularly. After falling into deep sin in my mid-twenties, I met some missionaries in the Virgin Islands who witnessed to me. At first it fell on deaf ears, or so I thought. But the Word was working within me and eventually the Almighty placed an event in my life that would change it permanently.

On 12/31/84, as everyone was awaiting the beginning of a new year, my parent's friend collapsed on the bathroom floor. His wife called my father over to help and I went with him. The man died in my arms as I was administering CPR. Shortly after the new year began, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior because I did not want to die, as this man did, without being saved first. Yahweh knew exactly what it would take to bring me to my knees in repentance.

I began attending an evangelical, charismatic church. After about a year there a sister came to me and said, "John, what ever happened to the Sabbath?" I said, "What's that?" I was obviously very ignorant of the Word. I stayed home from work the next two days and poured over all the Sabbath verses I could find in Strong's Concordance. The Holy Spirit and the Word convinced me that nothing happened to it and that we should still keep it. That did not go over well with the church leaders. They kicked me out a few weeks later. They even turned me over to Satan for the destruction of my flesh.

I began attending SDA services where I learned about the dietary laws. While I was visiting them on and off I learned about the Name, Feast Days, and false trinity from Yahweh's Assembly in Messiah in Missouri and the Assembly of Yahweh in Pennsylvania. Adventists were very E.G. White oriented and were not interested in the Sacred Name, so I left.

Over the course of time the preexistence doctrine kept coming up and I kept hearing how Yeshua gave the Ten Commandments, parted the Red Sea, etc. It just didn't seem right so, prompted by the Holy Spirit, I embarked on a study of it. Once again, the Spirit and the Word convinced me that Messiah did not preexist. I then felt led to glorify Yahweh as the Creator and One True Elohim of Israel and Yeshua as the Son of Yahweh through my web site.