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East Africa


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Tender Hearts Ministry was founded in October, 2016, by self-supporting & loving brothers and sisters in Messiah Yeshua!. We are situated in the Rift Valley, Kenya, East Africa .We are registered community based ministry to conduct evangelism and orphanage work.


Here are the details of what we do:



Our evangelism is from Sundays to Thursdays every week and involves bible studies, literature distribution and follow up, followed by our church services every Sabbath including bible studies. Our sermons, beliefs, and teachings are biblical and centered in Messiah Yeshua.



So far we have eight fellowship groups from our county and we have erected a wooden church structure.


We believe that Messiah’s method in evangelism, when applied, leads to success in soul winning.


Orphanage work also leads the young children to Yeshua and establishes them on a sure foundation! This has been our major focus since we started to raise the children, i.e.




in the right way they should go. So far we have fifteen children at our orphanage home comprising of boys and girls ages 1-12. We are also feeding over fifty other needy children in the community. To sponsor fifteen children at the orphanage and feed the other fifty needy children in the community, per month, costs approximately $1,524.This covers food, clothes, medical needs and school utilities.


We are unable to accommodate all of the needy children from the poor community into our orphanage since we do not have enough space for them all. However, in the future when the lord provides, we can extend the building and provide housing for them. But for now they are forced to stay in volunteer fami-lies home.


We need more bibles, food, finances and children’s books donated to our Tender Hearts Ministry even if they are sec-ond hand. Street evangelism and literature does not cost us anything except when we travel to another city. We then must pay for transportation. Our own small offerings go to evangelism, also.


We are situated on 2 acres of land with a building and are thinking of expanding it and make better use of that re-source in order to accommodate more children. We also have a dependable well of water, vegetable garden and county-piped water to our property.





Our objective is to home school until we are able to have additional acreage to build our own Christian school where we will teach Yahweh’s principles. So far three of our volunteers are home school teachers. The recent developments is that we have a new big outreach project for ‘Molo Olenguruone’ region which is situated 90 miles from our current place and we have been given free big land to use until we are able to purchase and so on April 4th my family and I relocated in Molo Olenguruone so we can efficiently do ministry however, the orphanage will remain in Kericho until we are able to put up a permanent structures in our new location.


Our team and volunteers will be helping us in our new location in evangelism and church planting however, will shall be coming to visit to check the orphanage progress from time to time in Kericho. We are also thinking may be when schools are closed, we shall take the orphans to help with some little farm work.


Our Kericho fellowship group will be meeting every Sabbath for services together with the orphans. One exciting thing about Molo Olenguruone is that it’s ripe for soul winning and it’s a new populated area and people will are more receptive to the gospel compared to Kericho region. Our plan is to have two crusades in a year and one camp meeting, weekly outreach, Door to door outreach and community volunteering projects. Our target this year is to establish two upcountry churches and two city churches in two different locations and we are praying hard to effectively accomplish this. So far, three converts from our short duration outreach are ready for baptism. Our big ministry objective is evangelism and soul winning for Messiah Yeshua and we would like to appeal for your partnership and support by Yahweh’s Grace.


Our purpose is to combine Agriculture and evangelism for effective ministry reason why we moved to the region. Agriculture will bring in resources in the future to help sustain the ministry. Our goal is to move towards self-sustainable ministry since we are aware all earthly support will be cut off in the near future.


So far the Molo Olenguruone land is fertile; we have permission to use it for farming in the meantime. However, we need help to do fencing, Buy seeds, fertilizer, farm tools and cultivate it so we can plant food crops for sale to sustain the orphanage and the ministry in general. We are therefore appealing to God’s people to keep this project in their prayers and support!


So far we have collected tents, mosquito nets, Water thanks and temporary construction materials.


We also need help to buy a new Van in the future to help in transportation as soon as possible and so we are going to sell our old Van so we can raise additional funds to buy a new one by Yahweh’s grace


Our new Van will cost us $5,500. It has been always our prayer that the Lord provides a donor to help us purchase the new Van for the ministry. We also need a good motorbike for convenient local outreach transportation as well and it will cost us $ 1,250.Some roads are inaccessible by car and so the motorbike shall serve that purpose.




Our staff and board are very helpful and most of them are volunteers. However, we are only able to pay one staff member out of our four. We are appealing for a sponsor to help pay the other four staff for their basic needs. Our one staff member’s salary is $90 a month.











The timber business has been a success for our ministry since last year. We buy trees and slit them and sell for wood


 and construction. However, for us to make a better profit we need to buy our own three chain saws (Husqarvana) in-stead of hiring. The three will cost us $1,800.Most of the income from timbers goes to buy food for the orphanage, pay for gas for our electricity bill. We are therefore requesting help to find a sponsor to donate for this important project.


Our request is help to support the projects until we are able to fully sustain ourselves and the ministry. We are, at all levels, trying to put projects in place to have Tender Hearts Ministry fully self-supporting in the near future in order to carry forward the ministry and the gospel.

Please keep us in your prayers after a long dry season our food is so scarce. Unfortunately most of our crops were destroyed due to high temperatures and we won’t harvest much this year Be-cause of this, it is our prayer that the Yahweh provides for His children and for the ministry as a whole!




1. Food=$ 1,524


2. Workers Salary=$ 360


3. Gas=$ 120




1. Van=$5,500


2.3chain Saws=$1,800


4.Motor Bike=$1,250


5.General farm needs=$825





May Yahweh bless you to be a blessings to our ministry in a very special way!

In His Vineyard,


THI Director


Pr. John. L