Don't assume you've answered the questions correctly.


1.Mark the year of the Roe v Wade decision.

a) 1953 b) 1963 c ) 1973 d) 1983

2.Mark the number of abortions per year in the USA.

a)15,000 b) 140,000 c ) 1,500,000 d) 14,000,000

3.What is the last legal month to do abortions in the US?

a) 3rd mo. b) 6th mo. c ) 8th mo. d) no limit

4.What is the earliest detection of brain waves?

a) 6 hours b) 6 days c ) 6 weeks d) 6 months

5. At what location are most abortions induced?

a) hospitals b)homes c ) clinics d) doctors' offices

6.Mark the most common type of abortion.

a) D&X b) saline c ) suction d) chemical


The questions look deceptively easy. No trick questions are

on the test. Still, some answers will surprise most pro-lifers.

Please grade the test.


Answers below

CAUTION: Follow grading instructions very carefully. Add your score on a seperate piece of paper since I can't figure out how to tabulate your results for you. : )



1.If your answer is c, enter three points. ______

2.If your answer is d, enter thirty points. ______

(1.5 million surgical + 12.8 million chemical birth control)

3.If your answer is d, enter three points. ______

4.If your answer is c, enter three points. ______

5.If your answer is enter b, thirty points. ______

(Most are done in homes: birth control abortions.)

6.If your answer is d, enter thirty points. ______

(Birth control induces 90% of all abortions).



NOTE: The values for each questions is subject based. Questions 1, 3, and 4 relate to the TEN percent, surgical abortions. Therefore, they total 10 points.

Questions 2, 5, and 6 relate to the NINETY percent of abortions chemically induced by parents. Their value is 90 points.


Being more than ten percent Pro-life is impossible if you

ignore the ninety percent, chemically induced abortions.

If this comes as a surprise to you, think it through!


A = 94 to 100, B = 88 to 93, C = 82 to 87, D = 76 to 81, Fail = below 76